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  2. 5-Way Chili Pt.

  3. Categories: Beef, Main dish, Tex-mex, Pasta, Chili

  4. Yield: 4 servings

  5. --PART ONE--

  6. 1 lb Chuck,twice ground finely

  7. 2 x Onions, minced

  8. 2 x Cloves garlic, minced

  9. 1 c Tomato sauce

  10. 2 tb Catsup

  11. 1 c Water

  12. 1 tb Red wine vinegar

  13. 1 tb Chili powder

  14. 1 tb Paprika

  15. 1 ts Pepper

  16. 1 ts Honey

  17. 1/2 oz Unsweetened chocolate,grated

  18. 1/2 ts EA: ground cumin, tumeric

  19. 1/2 ts EA: marjoram, allspice

  20. 1/2 ts Cinnamon

  21. 1/4 ts EA: nutmeg, ground cloves

  22. 1/4 ts EA: mace, ground coriander

  23. 1/4 ts Ground cardamom

  24. 1/2 x Bay leaf, crumbled

  25. 1 ts Salt

  26. --PART TWO--

  27. 8 oz Thick spaghetti

  28. 16 oz Can red kidney beans

  29. 2 x Onions, chpd

  30. 1 lb Wisconsin cheddar,fine grate

  31. **Excerpt from "Square Meals": "No one who loves to

  32. eat can visit Cincinnati without falling in love with

  33. the most eccentric and delicious noodle dish of

  34. all--5-Way Chili. Invented by Greek immigrants in the

  35. 1920s, it is unique to southern Ohio, and served only

  36. in chili parlors, most of which are

  37. fluorescent-lighted luncheonettes that haven't changed

  38. much since 1950. Nobody in Cincinnati gives out their

  39. recipe. It is a dish of startling complexity, so

  40. dizzingly spicy..." THIS IS A 2 PART RECIPE. Salt a

  41. large cast iron skillet. Turn heat to med and add

  42. meat, onions, and garlic. Cook until meat is browned.

  43. Add tomato sauce, catsup, water, and vinegar. As

  44. mixture begins to boil, add everything else. Adjust

  45. spices to taste, adding more salt if it needs perking

  46. up, turmeric and cumin for a sweatier chili flavor,

  47. cinnamon, cloves, and mace if you want it sweeter,

  48. cardamom for more bang, unsweetened chocolate for body. Cover and simmer at very low heat for about 1

  49. hr, stirring and tasting occasionally, adding tomato

  50. juice if it is getting too dry to ladle up easily.

  51. The bottom layer is always spaghetti, the thickest you

  52. can find. If you have trouble, try using long, thin

  53. macaroni like perciatelli. Break into 4 pieces, boil

  54. in salted water to which oil has been added. For a

  55. touch o swank, melt a stick of sweet butter into the

  56. just-cooked noodles before you dish them out. You will

  57. need about 2-3oz per serving. You want them soft

  58. enough to cut easily with a fork, but not so soft they

  59. lose their oomph. Remember, they are the support layer

  60. for four other ingredients. Spread them out to cover

  61. the bottom of a small oval plate. Ladle on the chili,

  62. enough to cover the noodles. Wash kidney beans and heat with 2c water, then drain. Spoon a sparce layer

  63. atop the chili. Spread onions over beans. Quickly (so

  64. it melts) spread cheese to cover everything. Don't

  65. skimp. Cheese should completely blanket the plate,

  66. enough so that you can pat it into a neat mound with

  67. your hands, just the way they do in Cincinnati.

  68. 3-Way or 4-Way: Omit either beans or onions, or both. --


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