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  1. 4 Shoe-peg corn

  2. Green onions - chopped

  3. Bell pepper - chopped

  4. Tomatoes - diced

  5. Seasoned salt - to taste

  6. Lemon pepper

  7. Jalapenos - diced

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  1. Be generous with the lemon pepper. This should be refrigerated for at least an hour before serving in order for the various flavors to mix.

  2. If you can get fresh garden tomatoes, you are REALLY in for a taste treat. As I said, this dip is very good to use with corn chips.

  3. I like to use Frito's Big Scoop chips because this stuff is so good that you want a big mouthful.

  4. Man, I guess I know what I'll be doing after I get off work... my mouth is already waterin'! Enjoy!


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