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  1. 1 salmon, cleaned and de-headed, split through backbone to lay out flat.

  2. 1 cup kosher salt

  3. 1 cup brown sugar Four to six old towels (wash and dry between uses). Smoker (commercial, or made at home in a shallow pit, and with, for example, old cinder blocks and cedar shakes and two racks). Several small splits of alder or other sweet wood, soaked in water overnight

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  1. Lay out two old towels on clean surface. Open up salmon and lay on towels, skin side down. Rub meat with 1/2 cup each salt and sugar. Close body. Use remaining salt and sugar to rub outside of salmon. Wrap up in towels. Lay in empty crisper in refrigerator (if it's cold outside, a cooler on the porch may be substituted for the refrigerator). After two days, wrap in two clean old towels, rinse out and dry crisper, place salmon in crisper back in refrigerator. After two more days, remove salmon, place in large bowl or cooler of fresh water. Rinse out salt and sugar, rubbing meat and skin gently. Change water, repeat rinsing. Place salmon on two clean old towels, press lightly, place back in cooler. If using commercial smoker, follow directions. If using home-made pit, open and start fire. Let burn down to large embers. Place soaked split of alder on embers. Place rack on pit, then unwrap salmon and arrange on rack. Use bricks or blocks to raise other rack above salmon. Cover with shakes or boards. Monitor smoke, rearranging wood and embers or adding soaked wood to maintain smoke. After embering down at least two pieces of wood, check salmon for texture and smokiness, to taste. Smoke more if you want it dryer and more smokey. Smoked salmon will keep at least a week in the refrigerator; it may keep longer, but it disappears too quickly for anybody to really know.


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