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  1. 1. 2 eggs

  2. 2. 140 gramm sugar

  3. 3. 200 gramm flour ( sieved flour)

  4. 4. 1 1/2 tea spoon baking powder

  5. 30 gramm add some sugar and milk for 20 minutes before use

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  1. separate egg yolks from egg white.

  2. beat egg white add some salt till stiff beat egg yolk and 5 soup spoons warm milk, add sugar time to time in till creamy, slowly pour in flour and baking powder into dough mix together add 8 soup spoons carbonated water ( also can use 7 up or fanta ) rum and the chopped almond in pour egg white in mix well, check the dough if too sticky add some water or milk.

  3. method:

  4. inch round baking tin, put baking paper on and a little butter to grease the tin, pour dough in . oven on 180°C before baking heat oven for 10 minutes (my oven has 5 different stages mosty when I bake I use the second from bottom)

  5. bake till brown about 30 minutes, leave to cool.

  6. filling:

  7. gramm fresh cream (beated up put in fridge)

  8. gramm yoghurt 3.

  9. gramm sugar 4.

  10. gramm white gelatine powder, (add 10 soup spoons water mix well and stay for 20 minutes ) boil it.

  11. strawberry mashed add some sugar method:

  12. 2-5 mix together put in fridge for 50 minutes then add the fresh cream from the fridge mix well .

  13. to make the strawberry cake:

  14. cake sliced into 3 pieces put cake rack pour in set mixture. return to fridge for over night.

  15. on next day:

  16. take out the cake rack 2. decorate with fresh cream and strawberries.

  17. almond with sugar stir fry in hot pan till sugar becomes caramel, gradually sprinkle in water, stir well and spread onto a sheet of baking paper, leave to cool,and crush almond with rolling pin into fine crumbs, sprinkle almond crumbs all over


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