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  1. 1 handful fresh spinach leaves

  2. 1 handful beetroot leaves,

  3. 1 handful radish leaves,

  4. 1 handful mustard leaves,

  5. 1 handful patience leaves,

  6. 1 handful lettuce

  7. 12 small pieces of ham

  8. 1/2 chicken or 1/2 lb. veal

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  1. Clean and prepare a good handful of fresh spinach leaves, a handful of beetroot leaves, a handful of radish leaves, a handful of mustard leaves, a handful of patience leaves, one head of lettuce. Throw them in hot water and let them boil like spinach, then let them drip in a colander, chop them all together on a nice clean board, as you do spinach. Fry a dozen small pieces of ham cut in pieces an inch long and half an inch wide, and also half a chicken cut in pieces, or a piece of veal, say half a pound. Add a cup of water and let it simmer three quarters of an hour or until all are soft. Then add your herbs. Let them simmer together for a quarter of an hour. If it looks too thick add a few tablespoonfuls of water. It must have the consistency of a thick puree. To be served hot, and eaten with dry rice.


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