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  1. **"school Spirit!!!"**

  2. 16-18 , from "jug town, al" --

  3. a "preacher's Son") & My Very First , "boyfriend..."

  4. (we Never Forget "those" Do We Cooks?! Ha.)

  5. Jug Town , located in watson, alabama, was david's town (a couple of miles outside of gardendale) known from back in the 40's, as a

  6. Small , "moonshinin´ village" where only small amounts of "profits" were yeilded from it´s locals, back then.

  7. David & Me Were One of "the Couples" , at gardendale high for over three years.

  8. We Were The "last" of The Old , "drive-in theater, burger joints, school dances and sorority/fraternity,"

  9. Kids , from an american "era" that was fast-dissolving here in the states.

  10. 14, at "the fun spot" roller skating rink in

  11. & With My Trendy , "eight reds," (specialty wheels that daddy had bought me for My Skates) I Was One of The Fastest & Trickiest" Skaters , at the popular, town roller rink.

  12. Lewisburg Rink Was Another , wood-floored "spot," but daddy wouldn't go for some of the "rough-housing" that accumulated in front of us kids ever-so-often, so the fun spot took the brunt of "kid fun" in town.

  13. Dave Loved My Waist-length , strawberry-blonde hair and i loved his black hair, bright blue eyes, and perfect, white teeth!

  14. My Best Friend (and "bobsie Twin") Lica S. Was In Love With David , so nothing would have made me "horn-in" on that.

  15. But When She Put Kay N. Up To Telling David About It , he grinned and replied, "i think ritzie knows, "which 'one' i like best!"

  16. & From That Day On , the entire, high school was aware of the "new couple."

  17. (lica Did , however, marry up with a "preacher man," years later.

  18. I Was a Popular Gymnast Who Represented The School , for the five, straight years.

  19. & The Only Girl , in all of my grades of 384 students

  20. (consecutively) , at gardendale to "make the team" for each and every year that i attended (eighth through my senior year.

  21. David Was Voted "best Looking" His First Year , at "rocket high" which, besides his good looks, "set him up" for his popularity.

  22. & It Was "no Secret" As To How Many Sororities I Was "blackballed" From Because of The Jealous "girlies" , at gardendale.

  23. (how I Remember Getting My Feelings Smudged Many Times By The Ol' "meanies...")

  24. But , chi-alpha-omega was the sorority for me, and me and "the girls" had tons of fun hosting school activities.

  25. My "first Job" Also Came Along During This Time , and i'll always remember my "sisters and me" going (together) to apply at the local "burger joint," and all of us being "hired on-the-spot!"

  26. Meal Tickets , for us

  27. Gals , and our boyfriends', consumed most of our, minimum-waged (

  28. 2.70) pay checks!

  29. Everytime David & Me Had a Disagreement , the "news" was all over the school!

  30. Simply Walking Past a Classroom , you'd hear, "hey!

  31. Did Y'all Hear?

  32. Ritzie K. & David H. Broke Up!

  33. & Many of My So-called , "friend" classmates couldn't wait for their "chance" at him!

  34. No Avail!

  35. (dave Knew a "good Thing" When He Had It!)

  36. & We Continued The Legacy , for another three years.

  37. Every Sunday (without a Miss) David Picked Me Up , for both, morning and evening church services, (as well as driving me to school each day) as his father was one of the preacher's for a centerpoint church.

  38. After Church , (on sunday

  39. Nights) He'd Bring Me Back Home To Change Into My Jeans So That We Could Finish-off The Eves With Some Drive-in Theater "action!"

  40. Also , "without a miss," momma would have us a sackfull of her, "egg salad on white" sandwiches, packed full of her chopped, "cucumber crunchies."

  41. & Dave Could , literally, park himself down on the livingroom sofa (while i re-dressed for our date) and devour an entire jar-full of the little

  42. "sweets," , at one sitting!

  43. His Love , for momma's

  44. Pickles Went Straight To Her Head , and We Never Had To Purchase a Single , corn dog during drive-in, movie night.

  45. So Dave , this recipe's for you my "bud," dedicated to all of those mustang theater drive in "experiences," and alllll of the "egg salad sandwiches" we shared!

  46. (now , "those were the days!"

  47. "goooo Rockets!"

  48. 6-hard-boiled Eggs , chopped coarsely

  49. 2 Tblsp.-kraft Olive Oil Mayonaise®

  50. 1 Tblsp.-french's Dijon Mustard®

  51. 1 Tsp.-kraft Horseradish®

  52. 1 Tsp.-tumeric , ground

  53. 1/2 Tblsp.-sweet Pickle Relish

  54. 1 Tblsp.-pimientos

  55. 1 Tblsp.-fresh Chives , chopped finely

  56. 2 Sprigs-fresh Dill , chopped finely

  57. 1 &

  58. 1/2 Tblsp.-lemon Juice

  59. 1 Tsp.-celery Seed

  60. 1 Tsp.-peppercorns , cracked

  61. sea or Seasoned Salt , to cook's taste--optional

  62. 1 Tblsp.-bacon Bits , a nice "option" as well!

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  1. In a medium, mixing bowl, SIMPLY...BLEND TOGETHER ALL, LISTED INGREDIENTS, STIR, and...

  2. SERVE betwixed miniature, party bread(s) of Cook's choice!

  3. ENJOY! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

  4. SIDE NIBBLE: A soft, white bread is the old favorite for this refreshing, sandwich filling, but I enjoy using BOTH, light and dark rye breads for this salad! TRY IT OUT YOURSELF!

  5. And for Charles D (Frieda's "pop") "GIRL! Everytime you come over here, since you've been datin' that boy (David) I can smell your strawberry perfume CLEAR ACROSS THE STREET! And what's with you sittin' in his lap while he's a drivin'! LAWD! Your heads are so 'close together,' look's like only 'one person' in the car instead of TWO!"

  6. ALSO FOR: Frieda, Tina, Pam, Sherry and Beverly... ("Sistas!")


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