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  1. 20 4 1/2 kg

  2. 1 2 tablespoons 4 cloves

  3. 1/2 teaspoon 1 teaspoon Stuffing A few 20 g 2 4 cloves

  4. 350 g 1 4 tablespoons 1 large 15 ml 175 ml 1/2 teaspoon 1/2 teaspoon 1 1/4 teaspoon Sauce

  5. 600 ml 600 ml 120 ml 60 ml 4 teaspoons 100 ml 1/4 teaspoon 2 tablespoons Prepared suckling pig (ask your butcher to leave enough flesh and skin on the belly for sewing) Lime, juiced Tea salt Ground Freshly ground black pepper Vegetable oil Heart, liver and kidneys of the pig Butter Onions, finely chopped Garlic, finely chopped Fresh breadcrumbs Red chili pepper, chopped Chopped spring onions Sprig of parsley, finely chopped Nuoc Mam sauce Rice wine Thyme, finely chopped All spice, crushed Lime, juiced Salt Chicken stock Clear honey Light soy sauce Tomato puree Five spice powder Rice wine or sherry Salt Cornflour mixed with a little water

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  1. : Run cold water over the suckling pig and dry thoroughly inside and out. Rub the inside of the pig with lime juice, Mix the salt, cloves and black pepper and use half of it to rub the inside of the pig. Clean and wash the liver, heart and kidney. Dry and mince. Melt the butter in a pan on a low heat, add the onions and garlic and sauce until softened. Add the minced liver, heart and kidney mixture and continue to sauté for a further 5 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Add the other ingredients, mixing well. (If the stuffing is too dry, add 15-30ml tablespoons water or milk). Fill the cavity with the stuffing and sew it up with kitchen twine. Stuff a ball of foil in the pig's mouth. Tie each pair of legs together and fold until the animal. Place belly downwards in a shallow pan. Brush the back with oil and sprinkle the remainder of the ground cloves, sea salt and black pepper over the suckling pig. Cover the ears with foil for the first 90 minutes of cooking. Preheat the oven to 170 o C/325 o F/Gas Mark 3 and cook the pig for 2 1/2 hours or until the juices run clear when prickled with a knife, basting regularly. Remove from the pan and allow to cool for 15 minutes. Replace the foil in the mouth with an orange and put the pig on a serving dish. Drain the juices from the roasting pan to a wok. Add all the sauce ingredients except the cornflour. Bring the juices to the boil and add the cornflour, stirring gently until it thickens.


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