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  1. 1 river eel,

  2. 80g each of garlic and roast flank pork

  3. 160g peanut oil

  4. 1 bowl fragrant mushrooms raised in water

  5. Adequate onion shreds

  6. Seasonings:

  7. 2 tbsp brown spicing sauce

  8. A few onion lengths

  9. 1 tbsp Shaoxing wine

  10. A:

  11. 1 slice ginger

  12. A few dried tangerine peel shreds

  13. Adequate amount each of salt, MSG, sugar, sesame oil and pepper

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  1. Buying a river eel, prepare it well, scald it in boiling water until the mucus on its skin turns white, brush the mucus away, wash the eel clean and cut it transversely into 3 cm lengths.

  2. Skin the garlic cloves and deep-fry them until golden yellow for use. Cut roast flank pork into pieces.

  3. Heating an earthen pot, pour peanut oil and brown spicing sauce in, pound onion lengths to put in, sauté them until fragrant, sprinkle Shaoxing wine in, pour adequate amount of water in, put the eel lengths of (1) in, add the (A) to season, bring them to boil over high heat, stirring them well with chopsticks, reduce the fire to mild heat, braise them for 20 minutes, then put the garlic cloves and roast flank pork of (2) in and continue to simmer them for 25 minutes.

  4. Take the roast pork and garlic of (3) out, place them in a plate, put the eel lengths on them, sow pepper over, sprinkle the original sauce over and so onion shreds over serving.


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