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  1. 3/4 cup water

  2. 2 1/4 cups sugar, divided

  3. 1 2 in. piece fresh ginger, peeled and sliced

  4. 3 cups all-purpose flour

  5. 2 1/2 tsp baking powder

  6. 1/2 tsp salt

  7. 1 cup milk

  8. 2/3 cup light olive oil or canola oil

  9. 3 large eggs plus

  10. 1 large egg white

  11. 1 tsp vanilla extract

  12. 1 medium Bosc pear, peeled, cored and chopped (1 cup)

  13. 3 Tbsp minced crystallized ginger

  14. 2 tsp turbinado sugar (such as Sugar in the Raw)

  15. Garnish: strips of crystallized ginger

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  1. Heat oven to 350°F. You'll need a nonstick 12 to 15 cup capacity Bundt pan coated with nonstick spray. Bring water, 3/4 cup sugar and the sliced ginger to boil in a small saucepan. Reduce heat to low; simmer, uncovered, 15 minutes or until syrupy. Discard ginger slices.

  2. Meanwhile, mix flour, remaining 1 1/2 cups sugar, the baking powder and salt in a large bowl.

  3. Whisk together milk, olive oil, 1/2 cup cooled ginger syrup, the eggs, egg white and vanilla in a medium bowl. Stir into flour mixture until just blended.

  4. Stir chopped pear and crystallized ginger into batter. Pour into pan; bake 50 minutes or until wooden skewer inserted into center of cake comes out clean. Cool in pan on a wire rack 15 minutes before inverting. Brush hot cake with remaining ginger syrup, sprinkle with turbinado sugar and let cool. Top with strips of crystallized ginger, if desired.


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