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  1. 2 To 

  2. 3 eggs, beaten

  3. 1 c To 

  4. 2 c leftover meat; pork

  5. -roast, chicken, pork chops,

  6. 1 lg Onion

  7. 1 bn Green onions, chopped or -chopped chives

  8. 1 c Frozen peas

  9. 1 c Bean sprouts or shredded

  10. -lettuce

  11. 4 c To 

  12. 6 c leftover, cold,

  13. -cooked rice

  14. 2 tb To 

  15. 3 tb peanut oil

  16. 2 tb Mrs. Dash

  17. 2 tb Soy sauce in 

  18. 1/2 c. of water

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  1. First beat a 2-3 eggs and fry until just firm in 1 T. oil and remove from the wok. Use peanut oil for the best results in your wok. Cut eggs into tiny shreds. Take leftover pork roast, chicken, pork chops, etc. and cut it into bite size pieces. Usually have 1-2 cups of meat pieces. Chop a medium onion into slivers. Heat the wok and add remaining oil. Cook meat and slivered onion for about 1 minute; then add rice that has been brought to room temperature and separated with a kitchen fork. Continue to cook until rice is heated through stirring continuously. Add green onions, peas, bean sprouts, and Mrs.

  2. Dash. Cook for another 1 2 minutes and pour over the water/soy mixture and stir through. Add shredded eggs and serve. Amounts can vary and so can ingredients. —–


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