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  1. 1 lbs. Flank Steak

  2. 3 T. Balsamic Vinegar

  3. 5 T. Vegetable Oil

  4. 3 T. Brown Sugar

  5. 1 Large Garlic Clove

  6. 2 Romain Hearts (heads)

  7. 4 T. Dried Shallots or Onions Croutons and Sunflower Seeds if desired. Favorite dressing blue cheese goes great!

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  1. Marinade Steak, Balsamic Vinegar, Oil, Brown sugar, and garlic in a one-gallon reasealable bag. (Marinade at least 15 minutes or up to overnight). While steak is marinading, cut lettuce into bite sized pieces. Add dried shallots/onions. Set aside. Grill/Cook steak. Cut up into bite sized pieces and add to salad. Add your favorite dressing and eat! Yield: serves 4 Notes: Steak will have a sweet tang to it! YUM


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