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  1. 500gms wheat flour

  2. 200gms ghee or butter

  3. 25gms jaggery

  4. Little cardamom powder and jaofal

  5. 1 cup ghee

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  1. Poppy seeds, almonds and pistachios for garnishing Take coarse wheat flour in a tray. Add ghee, hot water and knead into stiff dough.

  2. Make palm-shaped balls of this dough and fry in ghee on a medium flame, until light brown in color.

  3. Cool them and grind coasely. Sieve this mixture through a rice sieve. Melt jaggery with ghee and add it to the churma mixture.

  4. Mix well, add powdered cardamom, jaofal and make laddoos.

  5. Decorate with poppy seeds or a mixture of finely chopped almonds and pistachios.

  6. Preparation time: 40 minutes


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