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  1. 3 cups jack plum pieces

  2. 1 ball gur

  3. 1 tsp ghee

  4. 1/4 pav fine soji

  5. 2 cups coconut gratings

  6. 3 cardamom pods

  7. a few raisins

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  1. Grind coconut gratings and collect the thick juice in one vessel and the thin one in another, and keep aside. Roast soji with ghee.

  2. Add jackfruit pieces in the thin coconut juice mixed with water (totally 5 cups).

  3. Cook on medium flame, till it becomes soft.

  4. Put roasted soji. When soji softens, put crushed gur.

  5. When gur melts and begins to boil, put the thick coconut juice and keep it to boil again.

  6. Take out from flame. Put powdered cardamom and raisins and mix Ready to serve.


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