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  1. 6 large eggs, hard boiled

  2. 1 tbsp. mayonnaise or more if needed

  3. 1/2 tsp. white vinegar

  4. 1 tsp. prepared horseradish

  5. 1/2 tsp. dry mustard

  6. Dash of Tabasco

  7. Salt and pepper to taste

  8. 4 slices bacon, cut into small pieces and cooked crisp

  9. Fresh parsley for

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  1. Procedure:

  2. Halve the eggs and carefully scoop out the yolks and put them into a mixing bowl. Add mayonnaise, vinegar, horseradish, mustard and Tabasco and blend well.

  3. Season to taste and place the eggs on a decorative dish. Can be made to this point a day ahead and stored in the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap.

  4. Sprinkle with bacon bits and chopped parsley before serving. --

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  11. Roast Raspberry Pekin Duck Serves 2 1 each Pekin Duck, about 6 lbs.

  12. Basting Mixture For Raspberry Duck Raspberry Sauce Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

  13. Prepare the basting mixture.

  14. Trim any excess fat from the cavity of the duck and remove any neck or gizzard parts from inside the duck. Using a fork, pierce the skin in several places.

  15. While the duck is roasting, prepare the sauce.

  16. Place the duck, breast side up, on rack in a large roasting pan. Brush on a little of the basting mixture and roast for 45 minutes, basting twice. Turn the duck breast side down, baste and roast for another 30 minutes.

  17. Turn the duck, breast side up, baste and roast until golden brown and an instant read thermometer gives you 160 degrees inside the thigh.

  18. Remove the duck from the oven and allow to rest for 6-8 minutes, carve and serve with the sauce.

  19. Basting Mixture For Raspberry Duck Serves 4 Preparation Total: 05 Use this baste when roasting duckling to be served with raspberry sauce.

  20. ounces Chambord 2 ounces honey 2 ounces bourbon whiskey Combine ingredients and use in the last half of the roasting period. Baste liberally.

  21. Raspberry Sauce Serves 4 Preparation Total: 30 3 1/2 cups raspberries, fresh 1 each tomato, chopped 1 tablespoon tomato paste 3 tablespoons raspberry vinegar 1 each bay leaf 1 sprig thyme 1 sprig parsley 1/4 cup duck, stock 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup sugar 2 tablespoons creme de casis NOTE: If you don't have duck stock, substitute chicken stock, or go to and order their duck stock. It is a fantastic product!

  22. Place 3 cups of the berries as well as the tomato, tomato paste, vinegar and herbs in a 1 quart saucepan. (Reserve the remaining berries for garnish)

  23. Simmer over low heat until the juice of the berries is released.

  24. Pour the berry mixture into a sieve and press down with a rubber spatula to release the juices back into the saucepan.

  25. Place the sauce pan over the heat, add the duck stock and simmer over low heat.

  26. Prepare a simple syrup by boiling the water and sugar for 5-6 minutes. Slowly add the simple syrup to the sauce until a slight sweet flavor develops (not all the simple syrup need be used.)


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  32. Spiced Applesauce Ingredients:

  33. oz granny smith apples, peeled and sliced 12 oz golden delicious apples, peeled and sliced 2/3 cup water 2 tsp. fresh lemon juice 2 tbsp. plus 2 tsp. sugar 1/8 tsp. ground cinnamon 1/8 tsp. ground cardamom Instructions :

  34. Combine first 4 ingredients in a heavy saucepan over high heat. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium, cover and simmer about 20 minutes, or until apples are tender. Uncover and cook 10 minutes longer, stirring frequently, until mixture thickens.

  35. Mash with a potato masher until chunky applesauce forms. Stir in sugar and spices. Transfer to a bowl, cover and chill overnight. --

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  38. Thanksgiving Turkey Cake By Sandra Lee, author of Semi-Homemade Cooking Makes 14 servings 2 (1 pound) cans vanilla frosting Food coloring 2 (10-ounce) store-bought angel food cakes 1 cup chopped walnuts 9 chocolate turkeys Prep time: 15 minutes Preparation:

  39. Mix frosting with yellow and red food coloring, a drop at a time, until desired orange color is reached.

  40. Place one cake upside down (narrow end down) on a serving platter.

  41. Spread a thin layer of orange frosting on top.

  42. Put second cake right side up (narrow end up) on top to form pumpkin shape.

  43. Spread top and sides with orange frosting.

  44. Spread chopped walnuts on the top and around the base of the cake.

  45. Place one chocolate turkey on top of the cake, and the rest around the base of the cake. Gobble-gobble!

  46. Copyright © 2002 Sandra Lee --

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  48. large eggs, hard boiled Mayonnaise White vinegar Prepared horseradish Dry mustard Tabasco Salt and pepper to taste 4 slices bacon Fresh parsley 1 each Pekin Duck, about 6 lbs.

  49. Chambord honey bourbon whiskey 3 1/2 cups raspberries, fresh 1 each tomato tomato paste raspberry vinegar bay leaf thyme parsley duck, stock sugar creme de casis 12 oz granny smith apples 12 oz golden delicious apples fresh lemon juice sugar ground cinnamon ground cardamom 2 (1 pound) cans vanilla frosting Food coloring 2 (10-ounce) store-bought angel food cakes walnuts 9 chocolate turkeys --

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