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  1. For the fairy cakes:

  2. 100g (4oz) golden caster sugar

  3. 2 eggs, mixed with

  4. 2tsp vanilla extract

  5. 100g (4oz) self-raising flour

  6. 1-2tbsp milk

  7. For the topping:

  8. 100g (4oz) butter

  9. 200g (8oz) icing sugar

  10. 1tsp vanilla extract

  11. Lemon curd

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  1. Line a 12-hole muffin tin with paper bun cases.

  2. Cream the butter and the sugar in a food mixer until light and fluffy, then gradually beat in the eggs and the flour. Add the milk so the mixture easily drops off a spoon.

  3. Put 1tbsp of mixture into each fairy cake case and bake near the top of a preheated oven at 190°C (375°F, gas mark 5) for 12-15 mins, until springy to the touch, golden and risen. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

  4. For the topping, beat the butter with 50g (2oz) icing sugar, then add the rest of the icing sugar and the vanilla extract (add a few drops of natural food colouring for coloured icing). Scoop the very top off each cake and cut in half to make 'wings'. Mix some lemon curd into the butter cream, then fill each cavity and place the 'wings' on top.

  5. Or spread over coloured butter cream and add decorative flowers (we got ours from Squires Kitchen; call 01252 711749 or visit ).


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