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  1. 2 /4 Dry milk

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  1. + Directions : Unique is the word for this loaf. Don't let the combination of ingredients scare you off -- the texture created by the feta cheese combined with the smallest hint of cucumber makes this a wonderful bread. This is definitely a bread to accompany a hot meal. It's recommended with char-grilled marinated lamb chops or your favorite lamb kabobs. SUCCESS HINTS: Cucumber should be peeled, seeded, and then pureed. If the feta cheese is packed in water, drain well. Finely chop the black olives. This recipe can be made with the regular and rapid-bake cycles. CALORIES: 142 PROTEIN: 14% CHOLESTEROL: 7.

  2. mg CARBOHYDRATES: 69% SODIUM: 85.

  3. g FAT: 17% Compliments of: Kathleen's Recipe Swap Page http://www. cyberspc. mb. ca/~netdir/recipe


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