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  1. 30-35 ears sweet corn -

  2. 10 pounds red potatoes -

  3. 2 heads cabbage

  4. 5-6 pounds carrots (not baby carrots) Small bag onions -

  5. 30 brats -

  6. 4 cans beer plus

  7. 2 cans water

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  1. Husk and rinse the corn. Scrub potatoes but leave skins on. Clean and rinse cabbage and cut into quarters. Rinse and clean carrots - may want to cut some of the largest carrots into smaller pieces, but not too small or they'll turn to 'mush' when cooked. After removing onion skins, cut remaining onion into quarter. Line bottom of a 10 gallon cream can with a few husks of corn. Stand as many ears of corn vertical in the can as it will allow. Top with cabbage that has been quartered. Put in carrots followed by potatoes and then onions. Next put in 30 brats - you may need to 'stuff' some of these in. Pour in 4 cans of beer and 2 cans of water. Partially seal the can with the lid or 2 layers of aluminum foil. Place on fire and cook until a good head of steam is apparent. Cook for another 45 minutes and remove can from fire. Remove brats from the can - they'll be cooked at this time, but you'll likely want to brown them on a grill or over the camp fire. Once browned, pour everything from the cream can into large bowls or pans and serve.


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