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  1. 1 package(s) spaghetti 4 whole(s) tomatoes 1/2 scoop(s) powder garlic 4 piece(s) chile de arbol 1 small small slice of onion 2 scoop(s) butter , this is use to fry the sauce 10 medium cooked shrimp , can add as many shrimp as you like 1 container(s) mushrooms , this is optional, 1 bag(s) frozen vegetables 1 can(s) media crema , this is optional

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  1. in a pan boil tomatoes, in a different pan start boiling the spaghetti. once the tomatoes are boil, blend them with the onion and the peppers after blending all the ingredients in a pan add the butter let it melt and add the sauce and the garlic powder, let it cook till it boils. cook this in medium heat add the media crema if wanted after it boils add the shrimp and the rest of the ingridients,except the spahetti, let the vegetables cook for about 3 min then add the spaghetti let it sit for about 3 min. then serve


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