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  1. 8 kosher-style hot dogs

  2. 3/4 cup grated Cheddar

  3. 8 strips smoked bacon

  4. 8 hot dog buns Relish Ketchup Mustard

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  1. Preheat a griddle to medium heat. Use a paring knife to slice each hot dog almost completely through the middle lengthwise, leaving the ends still attached but forming a long lengthwise pocket. Place 1 1/2 tablespoons of the cheese in each of the hot dogs. Wrap each hot dog with 1 slice of the bacon, overlapping the bacon in a spiral fashion. Place the hot dogs on the griddle , cheese side up, and cook for 3 minutes. Turn the hot dogs on one of its sides and cook for another 3 minutes. Turn the hot dog on the second side and cook another 3 minutes. Finally, turn the hot dogs cheese side down and cook for a final 3 minutes. To serve, place the hot dogs in the buns and serve with the relish, ketchup and mustard


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