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  1. 1/2 To 1 ripe banana

  2. 1 ts To

  3. 2 ts lemon juice OR a

  4. -pinch of unbuffered,

  5. -corn-free vitamin C

  6. Crystals, to taste, optional

  7. 2 sl Buckwheat Banana Bread

  8. -recipe)

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  1. Servings: 1 This Banana Shortcake makes a satisfying, whole breakfast - it's not a dessert shortcake.

  2. Because the Banana Bread is made in advance - and probably frozen - the shortcake is quick and easy to put together.

  3. I (Marjorie Hurt Jones) sometimes serve it for "normal eating" house guests who devour every last crumb! Directions: Mash banana with a fork; whip until light and frothy.

  4. If you enjoy a little tang, add the lemon juice or the pinch of the vit C.

  5. Toast the bread lightly either in a toasster oven or in a dry frypan - homemade quickbreads don't do well in a traditional pop-up toasster.

  6. To assemble: Lay toasted bread on a plate; top with a dollop of masshed banana.

  7. Note: If your Banana Bread is frozen be sure to take it out the evening before you want it for breakfast.

  8. Use a serrated bread knife for slicing.


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