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  1. 8 fresh ears of corn, with husks

  2. 2 Tbsps. plus 2 tsps. olive oil

  3. sprigs basil, rosemary, sage and thyme, several of each

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  1. Place corn with husks and enough water to cover in a large container or bucket. Let soak 15 minutes. Remove corn from water and drain well. Gently pull back husks 3/4 way down and remove silk. Brush each ear of corn with 1 tsp. oil. Tuck some herb sprigs next to kernels. Pull husks up over corn, removing one strip of husk from each to tie tops of corn together. Grill corn over medium heat 30-40 minutes, turning corn occasionally, until tender.

  2. To roast corn in oven: Prepare corn as above. Preheat broiler. Place corn on rack in broiling pan. Broil 30-40 minutes about 8 inches from heat source, turning occasionally, until tender.


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