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  1. Pupusas

  2. Yield: 15 Pupusas

  3. 1/2 head of cabbage, sliced fine

  4. 1 carrot, grated coarse

  5. 5 scallions,white part only, sliced

  6. 3 pinches dried oregano

  7. 50/50 vinegar and water to cover, about 1 cup

  8. crushed red chiles to taste

  9. 4 tomatoes

  10. 1 onion

  11. 2 Tbsp oil

  12. ground chiles to taste

  13. salt and pepper to taste

  14. 4 cups masa de maiz

  15. 2 1/2 cup water

  16. 1/4 lb Queso con loroco

  17. 1/4 lb chicharron for pupusas

  18. oil

  19. Combine the cabbage and carrot and cover with boiling water. Allow

  20. to sit for 5 mins., then drain well. Add the remaining ingredients

  21. and refrigerate for at least 2 hrs.

  22. Blend together the tomatoes and onion until smooth, adding water

  23. to ease blending only if necessary.

  24. Heat the oil in a saucepan and add the tomato mixture. Boil for about 5 mins. During this time the color of the sauce will deepen

  25. slightly. Allow to cool and add ground chiles, salt and pepper.

  26. The sauce should not be too spicy. This isn't supposed to be a

  27. very spicy dish.

  28. Combine masa and water and knead for about 3 mins. Add more water

  29. a bit at a time, if needed, to achieve correct consistency.

  30. Roll a piece of masa in your hand into a ball slightly larger than

  31. the size of a golf ball. Flatten the dough into a circle about 1/4 in. thick. Put some chicharron or queso in the center and raise the sides of the dough around it and seal it at the top.

  32. Form into a ball again and the flatten the whole thing by patting

  33. it back and forth between your hands. Don't worry too much if some

  34. of the stuffing peaks through. The finished pupusas should be

  35. 1/4 to 1/2 in. thick.

  36. Heat a comal or griddle with a light coating of oil and cook the

  37. pupusas. Turn a few times to prevent burning and to check if done.

  38. Lower the heat if the pupusas are burning before getting cooked

  39. and add more oil to the comal as needed to prevent sticking. They

  40. are cooked when the dough looks cooked, sort of how a hand made

  41. tortilla would look.

  42. Arrange hot pupusas on a plate for diners to cover with a thin coat

  43. of salsa and a mound of curtido. They are best eaten with a fork

  44. and knife.

  45. If you cannot find queso con loroco you have two choices. You can

  46. buy Monterey Jack cheese and loroco (usually found in the freezer

  47. section, although sometimes it can be found fresh). Grate the

  48. cheese and chop the loroco fine. Combine to taste and use this to

  49. stuff the pupusas, or you can use plain cheese without the loroco.

  50. If you cannot find chicharron for pupusas you can buy chicharron,

  51. chop it fine in a food processor, add some tomato and onion, pulse

  52. until combined, and stuff this into the pupusas. If you can't get

  53. chicharron, you can try cooked bacon prepared as above, but it will

  54. have a different flavor because the chicharron isn't smoked. Or,

  55. you can just make all cheese pupusas.


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