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  1. Ingredients Baking with Butter Baking with Olive Oil How to Properly Measuring Flour Making Prune Puree Making Vanilla Sugar Substituting with Splenda (Sucralose) Thawing Phyllo Toasting Coconut

  2. Eggs Bringing an Egg to Room Temperature Hard-Boiling Eggs How to Poach Eggs Making an Omelet Making Soft Peaks with Egg Whites Making Stiff Peaks with Egg Whites Separating Eggs Safely Using Dried Egg Whites

  3. Meat, Fish & Seafood Buying Trout Cleaning & Debearding Mussels Defrosting Frozen Lobster Tails or Crab Legs Deveining Shrimp Forming Burger Patties How to Truss a Roast Poaching Chicken Breasts Roasting Meat Shopping for Fish Shopping for Meat Shucking Oysters Skinning Fish Fillets Thawing Frozen Shrimp Thinly Slicing Meat

  4. Fruit Chopping Cranberries Freezing Fresh Berries Freezing Peaches How to Prepare Fresh Mango How to Prepare Fresh Pineapple Juicing Citrus Fruits Julienning a Mango Julienning Citrus Zest Making Your Own Citrus Fruit Salad Peeling Mangoes Peeling Peaches Pitting Cherries Pitting Dates Removing Strips of Citrus Zest Ripening a Green Papaya Seeding Kumquats Segmenting Citrus Selecting a Ripe Papaya

  5. Grilling Cleaning the Grill Rack Glazing Food on the Grill Grilling Fish in a Basket Grilling Successfully Grilling with Wooden Skewers Making Foil Cooking Packets for the Grill Making Grill Marks Oiling a Grill Rack

  6. Pantry Cooking Brown Rice Cooking Lentils Cooking Quinoa Cracking Whole Spices Grating Whole Nutmeg Grinding Whole Spices Making Fresh Breadcrumbs Making Garlic-flavored Vinegar Making Herbes de Provence Making Toasted Breadcrumbs Making Wafer Crumbs Storing Leftover Coconut Milk

  7. Miscellaneous Cooking with Acidic Foods Crushing Ice Cubes Heating Tortillas Hot Tamales How to Make Sushi Rolls How to Use Your Pressure Cooker Improvising a Double Boiler Make Your Own Baked Taco Shells Making Baked Tortilla Chips Making Pizza With a Pizza Stone and Pizza Peel Making Simple Syrup Ovenproofing a Skillet Pureeing Hot Liquids The Scoop on Cooking Spray Toasting Tortillas Using Nonstick Cookware

  8. Cakes, Cookies, Etc. Cutting Brownies Cutting Creamy Pies Decorating Cookies Freezing Muffins How to Flute or Crimp Pie Crust Making a Streusel Topping Making Yeast Bread Making Your Own Paper Piping Cones Mixing Cake Batter Moving Decorated Cakes Preventing Cheesecake from Cracking Preventing Log Cookies from Flattening Thinly Slice Angel Food Cake

  9. Chocolate Drizzling Melted Chocolate Making Chocolate Shavings Melting Chocolate

  10. Spices, Herbs, Seasonings Drying Fresh Herbs Freezing Fresh Herbs Julienning Ginger Mincing Ginger Pitting Olives Roasting Garlic

  11. Dairy Grating Fresh Mozzarella Making Cheese Curls Making Yogurt Cheese Making Yogurt Cream Softening Ice Cream Substituting for Buttermilk

  12. Nuts Grinding Nuts Peeling And Cooking Chestnuts Toasting Chopped Nuts & Seeds Toasting Whole Nuts

  13. Baking How to Improvise a Pastry Bag

  14. Tips for Two Tips for Two: Apricot Nectar Tips for Two: Avocado Tips for Two: Broth Tips for Two: Cabbage Tips for Two: Canned Beans Tips for Two: Coconut Milk Tips for Two: Diced, Canned Tomatoes Tips for Two: Fresh Herbs Tips for Two: Italian Turkey Sausage Links Tips for Two: Kale Tips for Two: Mango Chutney Tips for Two: Marinara Sauce Tips for Two: Olives Tips for Two: Pork Tenderloin Tips for Two: Tofu Tips for Two: Tomato Paste Tips for Two: Water Chestnuts end left column beginright column sets padding for the nested boxes. All boxes and content live in this div

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