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  1. Pepper Jelly

  2. Yield: 7 cups

  3. 1/4 cup peppers (I use half hot and half bell)

  4. 1/4 cup hot peppers

  5. 2/3 cup sweet non-hot peppers

  6. 6 c sugar

  7. 2 1/2 c apple juice from a bottle

  8. 1 package jelly pectin (use the amount the package recommends)

  9. Mince peppers in a food processor; don't mush them. Or, if you

  10. really want to, mince by hand wearing gloves. Put juice into an

  11. enameled or stainless steel or otherwise non-acid reacting pan.

  12. Simmer juice uncovered until warm. Add sugar and stir until

  13. dissolved. Put on a mask or cloth bandanna around breathing orifices

  14. to protect vs. pepper gas. Add peppers and cook until color intensifies and they look done. Add gelatin and stir until it

  15. dissolves. Begin testing jelly with a spoon; when syrup falls off

  16. spoon in a single mass, or "sheet" instead of droplets when dripped

  17. slowly off a spoon held sideways, jelly is ready for canning.

  18. While this is cooking you should be preparing

  19. your jars so you dont wind up with jelly that jells in the pot

  20. before your jars are ready (I had this happen once).

  21. P.S. Your tolerance for hotness may vary so this may come out "too

  22. hot"; if so reduce peppers next recipe and give this as a gift to

  23. a friend with an asbestos tongue. My brother has said tongue type

  24. and i give him all my too hot kitchen oopses. He loves them!

  25. This goes well with roasts, esp. pork, cold leftover meats, and has no fat in it! About 40 calories per Tablespoon and high in

  26. vitamins. Also a conversation maker as an hors d' oeuvre: Put a

  27. bit of cream cheese on good crackers, spoon jelly over cheese,

  28. voila! Looks neat too, esp. if your jelly is clear and has 3

  29. colors. Red and green only makes a nice Xmas gift. Some folks

  30. add just a bit of cranberry juice to the recipe to tint the clear

  31. base pink, but I like it clear.

  32. I hear you can make this almost white-based if you use white vinegar

  33. instead of juice and use more pectin.

  34. Sometimes this will jell without pectin, sometimes not; depends on

  35. the apple juice I think. You may just use 1/2 cup hot peppers

  36. 1/4 and 1/4 above.

  37. 1 U.S. cup here means a volume

  38. unit of 8 oz.)

  39. The original recipe recommended:

  40. 1/4 cup "hottish" yellow peppers such as waxes

  41. 1/4 cup red hot peppers

  42. 2/3 cup mild bells

  43. But I have had success using:

  44. 1/8 cup hot green peppers

  45. 1/8 cup green bells

  46. 1/4 cup hot red peppers

  47. 2/3 cup golden-orange bells

  48. Since I couldnt find yellow "hottish" peppers.


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