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  1. for Salad In Aspic Jelly Recipe

  2. 1 tablespoon Quick Aspic or Jellied Soup Stock into each of

  3. 6 small molds. Put in chilling unit of refrigerator for 5 minutes. Remove and decorate with

  4. Egg custard,

  5. Truffle or Pimento cut in small fancy shapes, and Sprigs of parsley -- or in any way desired. Cover carefully with enough

  6. Aspic jelly to hold the decoration in place and return to chilling unit of refrigerator for 4 minutes. Put in each mold a ball of

  7. Chicken Salad. Cover with

  8. Aspic and return to the chilling unit for 20 minutes or until firm. Remove to shelf of refrigerator until wanted. Remove from molds and serve on

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  1. Lettuce.

  2. Other salads, or slices of chicken or tongue, may be used in place of chicken salad Related Topics Thirteen Christmas Desserts Aspic Jelly Salad Recipe Aspic Jelly Recipe Asparagus In Aspic Jelly Recipe Aspic Jelly For Salads. Recipe Tomatoes With Aspic Jelly Recipe Garden Recipes Home, Garden & Events Get Recipes Advice Get advice from our experts, the LoveToKnow community, and your friends


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