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  1. 1/2 c Plain yogurt

  2. 2 ts To

  3. 3 tsp snipped fresh

  4. Cilantro or parsley Pinch of curry powder 1/2 c Dry roasted cashews

  5. 1/2 c Chopped cucumber

  6. 1/2 c Chopped red and-or green

  7. Sweet pepper 1/4 c Chopped red onion

  8. 2 Pita rounds; split crosswise

  9. In a medium mixing bowl stir together yogurt, cilantro or parsley, and curry powder. Stir in cashews, cucumber, sweet pepper and red onion. Spoon evenly into split pita rounds. Source: The Times-Colonist Sept 28/94 From the collection of Karen Deck


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