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  1. 2 lg Round red peppers

  2. 8 Eggs

  3. Salt and pepper 2 tb Unsalted butter

  4. 1 c Tomato sauce

  5. 1. Select well-shaped peppers that will sit upright. Halve them

  6. crosswise and remove seeds. Trim stems but do not make a hole. 2. Parboil peppers in simmering, salted water until just tender, then

  7. 3. Break eggs

  8. 2 eggs into each pepper half. Season and top with a

  9. 1 inch of hot poaching water, and bake briefly at

  10. 375 degrees until eggs set.

  11. 4. Ribbon with tomato sauce.

  12. My suggestions. Try a spice such as Szechuan Style Pepper or Herb Pepper Blend instead of the salt and pepper. (Szechuan is copied from the label of a McCormick spice jar. Spell checker suggests the spelling Szechwan.) This also could be cooked at a low at a medium setting in a microwave oven.


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