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  1. 1 package oreo cookies -- crush in chunks

  2. 1 cup butter -- melted **FILLING**

  3. 1 gallon mint choco-chip ice cream

  4. 8 heath bars/skors -- crushed **TOPPING**

  5. 2 jars hot fudge sauce

  6. 12 ounces cool whip -- thawed

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  1. Preparation : Combine crushed oreos and place in botton of either a BIG glass bowl or 13x9" pan. Freeze until firm. Combine mint chocolate chip ice cream and crushed Heath bars. Reserve a few chunks of Heath bars for top. Combine and place on top of oreo base. Freeze until firm. Heat 2 jars hot fudge sauce, so you can pour. Pour fudge over top in rippled pattern. Freeze. Just before serving top with cool whip and reserved Heath chunks.


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