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  1. 1 Chocolate Cake Mix

  2. Kahlua

  3. 3 pkgs. chocolate pudding, cooked or instant (regular or sugar free).

  4. 2 cartons Cool Whip

  5. 6-9 Skor Bars; frozen then crumbled.

  6. (Can use Heath Toffee bars, but Skor Bars are better)

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  1. Make chocolate cake according to directions, substituting Kahlua for liquid. Bake in greased 9x13" pan or greased jelly roll pan. Cool then cut into small bite-size pieces.

  2. Make pudding. (If cooked, make sure to cool completely)

  3. Layer into a deep clear glass serving bowl in this order: Pieces of cake, pudding, cool whip and Skor Bars . Should have 3 layers, ending with Skor Bars.

  4. Cover and chill until served.


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