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  1. Banana Toothpick 2 black-eyed peas Plastic knife

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  1. Cut the stem off the banana. "It doesn't have to be an especially ripe banana; any banana will do," says Freymann. Then peel it halfway down from the top, in 4 sections.

  2. Eat the top half of the banana. "After all, you'll need that extra energy to finish your task," says Freymann. Leave the bottom half of the banana in its peel.

  3. To create 8 arms, use a plastic knife (or a real knife with parental supervision) to split each of the 4 sections of the peel in half. "You can also do this without a knife, just by separating the peels with your fingers," says Freymann.

  4. For the face, choose the flattest side of the banana. Make the eyes by pushing a toothpick into the skin and wiggling it around to create 2 holes, then insert a black-eyed pea into each hole.


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