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  1. Vegetarian Russian Salad "Salat Olivieh"

  2. Makes lots

  3. 2 cans sweet peas, drained

  4. 1 can pickled beets, drained

  5. 1 can "three-bean-salad" (drained)

  6. 1 can "four-bean-salad" (drained)

  7. 1 can "dill-salad" (optional, drained)

  8. 1 small can Cara Mia artichoke hearts, undrain, cut up

  9. 1 small can pickled mushrooms, drained

  10. 10 baby dill pickles, chopped

  11. 1 can garbanzo beans (drained)

  12. 20 pitted olives, halved

  13. 1 bunch fresh green chives (chopped small)

  14. 2 large stems celery (chopped small)

  15. 1 bunch fresh dill weed (chopped small)

  16. 5 large potatoes, boiled, skins removed, cut into pieces

  17. 1 medium jar veggie Nayonnaise or other mayonnaise

  18. Wash potatoes, put them to boil in their jackets.

  19. Start opening and draining cans of the above stuff, and just throw

  20. each can into the big mixing bowl, when ready.

  21. Chop the celery and chives and dill, then add to the bowl. Cut up

  22. the beets, olives, pickles, mushrooms and add.

  23. Open the artichoke hearts jar, and just pour the whole thing

  24. including the juice, into the mixing bowl, maybe cutting up the

  25. large pieces. Add all the other drained canned stuff.

  26. Let the potatoes cool, then peel the jackets, and cut them up small,

  27. and add to the mixing bowl.

  28. Open the mayo jar, and just spoon the whole thing over the rest of

  29. the stuff. Mix and toss lightly with a big spoon. Garnish with

  30. dill weed!

  31. Variation: Some Russians add fresh cut up apples, tomatoes, ham,

  32. bologna, and anything else they may think of, or anything that is

  33. actually AVAILABLE. As a vegetarian, add veggie cold cuts such as

  34. the Veggie Yves stuff, or any other veggie brand, for flavor variation.


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