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  1. 1 Large chicken, skinned, meat -removed and cut into chunks

  2. 13 oz Clarified butter, ghee, or -unsalted butter

  3. 2 Onions, grated

  4. 2 ts Salt

  5. 1 1/2 Inch piece ginger, peeled -and grated

  6. 8 Garlic cloves, crushed

  7. 6 Green cardamoms, broken -slightly open

  8. 2 1 1/2-inch cinnamon sticks

  9. 4 Eggs, lightly beaten

  10. 4 tb Sugar

  11. 6 tb Ground almonds

  12. 27 fl Cream

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  1. Flaked almonds to garnish Heat the ghee or butter in a large wok over moderate heat and fry the onions with the salt until translucent. Add the ginger, garlic, cardamoms, and cinnamon sticks. Stir-fry until the onions are golden brown. Add the chunks of chicken and cook, stirring occasionally, for about 15 minutes, In a small bowl, mix together the eggs, sugar, ground almonds and cream. Lower the heat to "very low" and pour the egg and cream mixture into the wok. Simmer gently for 5-7 minutes, until the chicken is cooked and tender. Be careful not to overcook the sauce, or the eggs and cream will curdle. Serve garnished with flaked almonds.


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