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  1. Ingredients : Red onions and celery stalks finely chopped, sweet green pepper, pollock chunks, cooked shrimps, other cooked fishes in chunks, salt and pepper, a pinch of garlic powder, one tablespoon dried parsley and dill, olive oil, mustard sauce, fresh lemon juice or vinegar.

  2. Procedure : Mix all the fish chunks together with a pinch of garlic powder and salt. For dressing, mix onions, celery stalks, mustard sauce and lemon juice. Combine both the contents and mix them properly. Marinate them in refrigerator for sometime and later serve.

  3. 2: Oatmeal Cookies

  4. Ingredients : Protein oatmeal packet, chocolate pudding packet, rolled oats, salt, one teaspoon Splenda, cinnamon, one teaspoon baking powder, one egg white, one teaspoon vanilla, water.

  5. 10 minutes at

  6. 325 degree F until the cookies appear dry on surface.

  7. Ideal Protein Diet Plan

  8. 25 years ago mainly for weight loss and obesity related issues. Following this plan along with regular exercising proves to be very helpful for all the dieters. As mentioned, it is not a hardcore protein diet plan but includes other foods as well. The plan consists of

  9. 4 phases wherein strict protein diet foods are supposed to be eaten along with a gradual increase of carbohydrates in the latter phases. So let's see what is the diet schedule for this plan.

  10. Diet Phases Time Period Ideal Protein Diet Plan Ideal Protein Diet Cost

  11. 1 2 to 6 weeks

  12. 3 prepackaged protein drinks

  13. 85.00 per week

  14. 2 1 to 2 weeks

  15. 2 meals with lean meat or poultry and raw or cooked vegetables

  16. 2 meals of protein packs

  17. 60.00 per week

  18. 3 2 weeks healthy carbohydrate foods like whole wheat toast and fruits

  19. 30.00 per week

  20. 4 Onwards healthy carbohydrate foods like whole wheat toast and fruits along with protein snacks

  21. 2-7 pounds per week if followed strictly as the plan suggests. It is an easy-to-follow plan, however many people face problems regarding the protein supplements needed to be taken. Also, the most important phases are the

  22. 1 and 2 phases wherein there is zero carb intake and thus challenging to follow. It's better to order the protein supplements and the ideal protein diet products in advance so that the diet can be scheduled accordingly. Also, the reviews are totally based on individual experience as per the body type of individuals. Having said this, ideal protein diet is one of the most effective diet plans ever, so there is no harm in trying it.

  23. Having got to know the high protein diet menu , I hope this article has provided the required info on this ever popular fad diet, the ideal protein dietGood luck if you are attempting it!

  24. By Mrunmayi Deo

  25. Published: 10/27/2010

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