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  1. Thai Tomyum Gung (shrimp)/Gai (chicken)

  2. 2-3 stalks of lemon grass

  3. 2 lbs tiger shrimps or boneless chicken meat

  4. 5-6 kaffir lime leaves lemon juice

  5. fish sauce 2-3 small red/green chili peppers

  6. cilantro

  7. 1 can straw mushrooms

  8. 1 1/2 tbs of Thai chili paste with soya beans oil Heat some water in a

  9. 1 1/2 qt saucepan. Put in lemon grass, and the

  10. chili paste. Put in the shrimps and the mushrooms. Let it simmer

  11. for 10 minutes. Put in the lime leaves and sliced chili peppers

  12. and heat for 1 minute.

  13. Mix in a serving bowl with some lemon juice and fish sauce. Garnish

  14. with cilantro and serve hot with Thai Jasmine rice.


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