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  1. 2 NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO Caffe Lungo capsules About 1 cup ice cubes

  2. 2 to 4 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk Pinch ground cardamom

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  1. INSERT one coffee capsule into capsule holder. Place into machine and pull down locking handle. Adjust drip tray to height of cup and place cup on drip tray. Move lever to the red dot and dispense about 1 cup. Move lever back to neutral and wait for red light to stop flashing. Pull locking handle up. Remove capsule and discard. REPEAT process with second coffee capsule. Add ice to cup to within ½-inch of the top. Add sweetened condensed milk to taste. Stir in cardamom. NOTE: Looking for a mellower flavor? Try this recipe with a Caffé Americano capsule, or for a coffee without caffeine, try it with a Caffé Lungo Decaf capsule.


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