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  1. Veg HT English (see timings below)

  2. This is a spicy fusion Yorkshire Pudding recipe the flavour of which goes very well with any roast.

  3. Hot Traditional Vegetarian Accompaniment England British Europe

  4. This amount is enough to Make :

  5. 1 large (serves 4-6)

  6. 8 Individual (serves 4 -8)

  7. 12 Popovers (serves 4 -6)

  8. 2 Eggs

  9. Approx 180ml/6fl.oz.

  10. Milk

  11. 100g/4oz Plain Flour

  12. 1/2 level teasp Salt

  13. 1 Red Chilli, deseeded and very finely chopped

  14. Vegetable

  15. Oil

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  1. Instructions 1. Preheat theoven to 220C, 425F, Gas mark 7. Put enough vegetable oil in a shallow baking tin (approx 20cm x 25cm/ 8x10-inches) or a 4-hole Yorkshire pudding tin or a 12-hole roasting tin to cover the base to adepth of approx 3mm/1/8 inch and placein the oven to get very hot.

  2. Meanwhile, break the eggs into measuring jug, add enough milk to make it up to 300ml/10fl.oz. and whisk together.

  3. Add the flour and salt and whisk until very smooth with no lumps, then stir in the fresh chilli and mix well.

  4. Carefully remove the tin(s) from the oven, making sure the fat is very hot and fill as follows:-

  5. Large Yorkshire - pour the batter into the centre of the tin, filling to 2/3rds 4 hole tin - pour the batter into the centre of the holes, filling to 2/3rds Popovers - pour the batter into the centre of the holes, filling to half Return to the hot oven straight away and bake until well risen and golden as follows:-

  6. Large Yorkshire -30-40 minutes 4-hole individual Yorkshires - 20-25 minutes Popovers - 15 -20 minutes End of instructions More info ↓


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