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  1. Stewing beef; cubed

  2. -small amount

  3. Onions; chopped

  4. Leeks; chopped

  5. -Salt and Pepper

  6. -omit salt if using bouillon

  7. Oat groats; if you can't get

  8. -at health food store, try

  9. -pet store

  10. Stock; homemade, preferable

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  1. A traditional Midlands dish.

  2. Put meat (do not brown first) , onions, leeks, salt and pepper and groats in earthenware pot. Pour stock over top and stir. Put lid on.

  3. Put in medium-low oven for 16 hours. Groats will absorb stocks and juices and expand.

  4. SOURCE: ‘Floyd on Britain’ TV show


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