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  1. Guidren yoih (Jewish Chicken Soup)

  2. For each quart of water use 1 lb. of chicken bones, wings and/or necks. So for say five quarts:

  3. 5 lbs. chicken bones, wings and necks

  4. 1 zucchini, sliced in half

  5. 1 onion, peeled but left whole

  6. 4 carrots, peeled and quartered

  7. 3 parsnips, peeled and quartered

  8. 3 stalks celery

  9. 1 sweet potato, peeled and halved

  10. 1/2 leek, cleaned

  11. 1 tomato

  12. 3 TBS Chicken flavor Better than Bouillon

  13. 1/2 bunch fresh dill

  14. 1/2 bunch fresh parsley

  15. Place the chicken in a large stock pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil, lower the heat to a gently simmer and spend the next half hour (at least) skimming the scum. You'll know what the scum is as soon as you turn down the boil.

  16. Once the liquid is fairly clear, add the vegetables except the dill and parsleyand be sure they are covered by the water.

  17. Simmer for an hour, add additional water if required.

  18. Add the Better than Bouillon, if needed for richness, fresh dill and parsley. Simmer for an additional two hours.

  19. If the soup is cloudy at the end of the three hours here is a trick to clear it up. Crack five eggs and make an omletter or whatever. Crumble the egg shells and add them to the soup. After 15 minutes strain all solids out of the soup (they're not worth eating, at this point they gave their all to the soup, but be sure to use all the listed vegetables, even ones you may not like, as IMO they give an essential flavor to the soup that is just missing if you omit them).

  20. Return the broth to the soup pot. At this point you can add some cooked chopped chicken breast, carrots, celery, matzah balls, anything you would like to eat with the soup.

  21. Simmer until everything is tender and dish up into soup bowls. Let each individual season the soup to their liking at the table.

  22. Once everyone has had their fill, if there is anything left remove the solids and shred the chicken for chicken salad or something similar. Return the soup to the pot and reduce by half. Cool and freeze in ice cube trays. When solid transfer to freezer bags and use for chicken stock in recipes (which is why you didn't season the soup with salt).


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