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  1. 2 tablespoons butter

  2. 1/2 cup celery , chopped

  3. 1/2 cup onion , chopped

  4. 8 ounces cornbread stuffing mix (Pepperidge Farm Corn Bread Stuffing)

  5. 1 cup chicken broth

  6. 2 cups whole berry cranberry sauce

  7. 1 cup pecans , chopped

  8. 10 lbs pork crown roast,

  9. 12 rib (trimmed and tied)

  10. 2 teaspoons salt

  11. 1 tablespoon black pepper

  12. 1 sprig fresh thyme

  13. 1 sprig fresh rosemary

  14. 4 leaves fresh sage

  15. 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour

  16. 1 cup milk

  17. 1 teaspoon salt , to taste

  18. 1/4 teaspoon black pepper , to taste

  19. fresh cranberries

  20. fresh rosemary

  21. fresh thyme

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  1. TO MAKE STUFFING: Melt 1/4 cup butter in a large Dutch oven over medium heat. Add celery and onion, and sauté 5 minutes or until tender. Stir in stuffing mix and remaining ingredients, stirring just until mix- hire is moistened. Remove 2 cups unbaked stuffing, and reserve to stuff in pork roast. Spoon remainder into a lightly greased baking dish. Bake the remainder covered, at 325° for 30 to 35 minutes or until thoroughly heated.

  2. TO MAKE ROAST: Preheat oven to 325°F Rub salt and pepper evenly over all sides of crown pork roast. Place roast (rib tips up) into a 1 quart round soufflé or bundt pan. Place sprigs and sage leaves over top. Place dish onto a roasting pan. Bake for 2½ hours.

  3. Remove roast from oven. Using a baster, remove the juice and drippings and place them into a medium saucepan to make the gravy later. Spoon 2 cups reserved unbaked cranberry stuffing into center of roast; cover the stuffing and rib tips with a small piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Bake roast for an additional 45 minutes to 1 hour or until meat thermometer registers 155°.

  4. Remove from oven and begin making the gravy and allow the roast to stand before slicing.

  5. MAKE THE GRAVY: Heat the juice, drippings, flour and milk over medium heat, whisking constantly to get a smooth consistancy and thicken, about 5 minutes or until thickened to your liking.


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