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  1. 1 1 pound package salad mix ( I use the Dole with carrots purple cabbage) or spring greens.

  2. 2 or 3 green onions chopped

  3. 4-8 Roma tomatoes chopped

  4. 1 (16 ounce)can Ranch style chili beans rinsed and drained in colander

  5. 2 small cans sliced ripe olives drained

  6. 1 pound ground meat of choice browned and drained

  7. 1 package (1 1/4 ounce) taco seasoning (set aside to cool)

  8. 1/4 cup water to dissolve seasoning stir into meat Cook on low

  9. 3 minutes.

  10. 1 large bag Frito's (or other corn chips)(14 1/2 ounce)

  11. 1 ( 16 ounce)bottle French, Ranch or Catalina salad dressing

  12. 1-2 cups grated Cheddar or Colby Jack

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  1. While the meat is browning wash and drain salad mix or greens. Chop onions and tomatoes. Drain and rinse beans, drain olives. In a large salad bowl combine cooled meat mixture, salad greens, onions, olives, tomatoes,cheese. If you will use the entire amount you can mix salad dressing and crushed corn chips. If you will have left overs serve on chips and dressing added by each individual. That way the salad stays nice and the chips aren't soggy. This is a favorite of ours and we eat this as a meal. Since we are just two we learned the hard way about soggy left overs. We love to make this for dinner and have it for lunch the next day. The various recipes I found used a variety of dressings and chips.


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