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  1. Strawberry Cream Pie

  2. 1 grahm cracker pie crust

  3. 1/2 cup chocolate dip

  4. 1 cup whipped cream

  5. 1 cup strawberries

  6. 1 package vanilla instant pudding

  7. 3 cups milk

  8. 2 cups strawberries

  9. 1 cup strawberry whipped cream

  10. Spread chocolate dip onto pie crust take 1 cup of strawberries,

  11. chop them up in a chopster, then put them into 1 cup whipped cream,

  12. and mix them with a mixer spread that over the chocolate dip, try

  13. not to let the mix together mix the instant pudding with 3 cups

  14. milk.

  15. Once it's mixed and thick, add the other 1 cup of strawberries, and mix them until it is thick. spread that over, trying not to let

  16. this layer bleand with the mixed strawberris and whipped cream.

  17. Finally, top this with strawberry whipped cream (kraft makes this).

  18. For fun, if you have extra strawberries, decorate the top with them.

  19. Chill for a few hours until it is firm.


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