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  1. 1 ea 12oz pkg chocolate chips

  2. -semi-sweet 1/4 c Butter or margarine

  3. 1 cn Condensed milk, sweetened

  4. 2 c Unbleached or all purpose

  5. -flour 1/2 c Nuts, finely chopped (opt)

  6. 1 ts Vanilla

  7. 60 ea Candy kisses, chocolate

  8. -SEE OPTIONS 2 oz White baking bar or vanilla

  9. -flavored candy coating 1 ts Shortening or oil

  10. 1. If you like caramel centers, take

  11. 3oz of Kraft Caramels and add

  12. 1TB of water, heat until melted. Pour onto a plate so the mix will make a thin,

  13. 1/4" layer, place in FREEZER until it is hard. Then, when dough is ready, remove the hardened caramel from the freezer, cut small strips

  14. 1/2" wide of the caramel. Cut these into 1/2" bits, place in center of cookie dough and roll -- make certain dough completely surrounds the caramel. It will run out if not completely enclosed. Still good eatin', just not as pretty.

  15. 3 oz will do two recipes probably.

  16. 2. Get bite size Reese Peanut Butter Cups, cut into 2 pieces, and do same as above.

  17. 3. In place of (2), use crunchy peanut butter, using the BACK of a

  18. 1/4 t to touch into the peanut butter and get a dab to place on the cookie dough before rolling. Back of spoon allows peanut butter to be wiped onto the dough. Using inside spoon did not work for me. Hard to get out. Try it yourself. Peanut butter has stronger flavor than the Reeses Cups, so only a dab is needed.

  19. 4. I like mint chocolate. Found some Mintohs at Kroger. These are for candy making, baking, etc., Light mint flavor. Size of a quarter. Place one of these in the dough in place of other options. I tried the chocolate covered peppermint candy that is foil wrapped. It was TOO strong a mint. Overpowering. But that is my taste. Heat oven to

  20. 350. In medium sauacepan, combine chocolate chips &

  21. 1 scant TB of dough around each candy kiss, covering

  22. 1" apart. Bake

  23. 6 to 8 minutes. SEE NOTE


  25. 42 PM TO: ALL FROM: JERRY BREWSTER (MHMH32A) SUBJECT: RT-FUDGY BONS & OPTS The remainder of the recipe directions was to remove the cookies, even though then appear to be soft and glisten. They will hrden. When cool, heat vanilla flavored candy coating and the oil, drizzle over cookies. This is the Pillsbury cookoff winner, and I posted it before. The options I have played with. They work. Good fun to all. Jerry G. Brewster, MPHS, TN


  27. 34 PM

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  1. TO: D LYERSON-BRELAND (TFST62C) FROM: JO MERRILL (ECGJ65B) SUBJECT: SUGAR COOKIES-FAST Dee I have 7 recipes to post for you. The first 3 are sugar cookies. Important to remember is to follow instructions exactly and if the recipe calls for chilling the dough be sure to do that.


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