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  1. 3 cups Split green peas

  2. 3 quarts Water

  3. 2 bunches Pig's feet

  4. 1 pounds Piece of bacon

  5. 3 Leeks

  6. 2 Onions

  7. 2 tablespoons Butter

  8. 2 tablespoons Chopped parsley

  9. 1 cup Chopped celery stalks; with leaves

  10. 1 Celery root or celeriac; peeled and cubed

  11. 1/2 pounds Skinless frankfurters

  12. Salt and pepper; to taste

  13. Pumpernickel

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  1. Cook peas in the water until tender. When peas are tender press mixture through a sieve or whirl in blender. To this, add pig's feet and simmer for 2 hours. Add extra water when necessary. Remove pig's feet, bone and cube meat, and add to soup. Add bacon. Clean and slice leaks and onions. Melt butter and saut leeks and onions until tender but not brown. Add to soup with parsley, celery, and celery root. Simmer, covered, for 1 hour. Cut frankfurters into crosswise slices and add to soup. Remove from heat the let stand overnight. Reheat the next day. Add salt and pepper. Stir well since standing will make it thicker, and add a little more water if necessary. Remove bacon and cut into slices. Serve bacon slices on pumpernickel with the soup which has been reheated until piping hot. Makes 6 generous servings, for this is served as the whole meal. Happily MC formatted by Pamela Creeden (Busty the Happy Cooker) Recipe by: Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery, Vol.

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