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  1. 500g chicken/pork floss/sambal hae bee/sambal lengkong/serunding

  2. 1 packet large spring roll skin, cut into 9 equal squares

  3. 1 egg, lightly beaten for sealing Oil for deep frying

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  1. Cut one spring roll skin into 9 equal squares. Place some floss on to each square, enclose and wrap like spring roll. Heat oil in a wok; fry rolls till golden brown. Remove from oil onto baking rack which has kitchen towel at the bottom to catch excess oil. Put fried rolls in to bake at a preheated oven 350f for 5 or 10 minutes, so that the rolls are thoroughly cooked through and excess oil will be removed. Let cool completely and store in air tight container. Recipes related : Sambal Lengkong Pork Chicken Floss Sambal Hae Bee


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