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  1. Poor man's asparagus, pommes charlotte with caviar

  2. 4 small leeks

  3. 6-8 potatos "Charlotte"

  4. 24 sticks of green asparagus

  5. 7 cl. (2 fl oz) Balsamico vinegar

  6. 7 cl. (2 fl oz) olive oil

  7. 7 cl. (2 fl oz) meat juice

  8. 100 gr. (3 1/2 oz) Beluga caviar

  9. chive tips

  10. chervil

  11. salt (fleur del sel)

  12. pepper

  13. Cut and clean the leek thoroughly. Depending on their size, cook

  14. for 15 minutes in salt water. Dip in cold water and drain. Dry with

  15. a cloth. Leave to cool. Peel the small potatos carefully and cook

  16. in salt water. Dip in cold water shortly and reserve. Cut off the

  17. 5 cm / 2 in

  18. in cold water and drain let cool. Make the vinaigrette from

  19. Balsamico, the meat juice and the olive oil, season with salt and pepper. With a sharp knife cut the leeks lenghtwise.

  20. Arrange in V-shape on the plate and garnish with generous spoonful

  21. of caviar. Cut the potatos in pieces of equal size and garnish with

  22. the asparagus tips on the plate. Top with vinaigrette. Sprinkle

  23. with chopped chervil, the chives tips.


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