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  2. Title: Hard Candy

  3. Categories: Candies

  4. Yield: 1 servings


  6. 2 c Cane sugar

  7. 2/3 c Light Karo

  8. 3/4 c Water

  9. 1 ts Oil flavor* & color 1 ts Or more citric acid**

  10. Have color/flavor/citric acid ready when finished cooking! *More or less, some flavors are stronger than others. **Put citric acid in

  11. fruit-flavored candies for tartness. TEST YOUR THERMOMETER EVERY DAY!

  12. To test: Place it in cold water & bring to boil. If water boils at-

  13. 210 instead of

  14. 212, reduce cooking time

  15. 2 degrees. **I use a

  16. TAYLOR thermometer. Wilton sells them now. Spray *PAM in molds & on

  17. surface. Not too much & only once per session. USE A THIN PAN, NOT

  18. HEAVY! Candy must set a few minutes in the pan & the temp will rise,

  19. burning the candy in a thick pan. Bring mixture to boil. Put lid on

  20. for 3 minutes <to wash down sugar crystals>, add thermometer & DON'T

  21. STIR. When therm. reaches 285-290D. remove pot from stove.Wait for temp. to lower below 260

  22. before adding color/flavor/citric acid.

  23. <Will cook flavor out if too hot.> Cover pan after adding citric acid

  24. so it won't fade the taste. I add about 2 ts citric acid.

  25. DON'T STIR! Use the tiny viles of Lorann oils. Avail. in cake

  26. supply shop or drug store.

  27. I pour the cooked candy into a GUTTMAN candy funnel <holds entire

  28. recipe.> Thats the quickest way to get it in molds befor it cools &

  29. hardens. *Of course, spray funnel! I pour some into molds & the rest

  30. onto my marble slab. The part on the slab: I roll it into a long

  31. cylinder & cut into "pillows" w/scissors. Dust finished candies with

  32. powdered sugar so they won't "melt" together. There is one very nice

  33. sucker mold. It is a white ring w/ a slit for the stick. <Don't spray

  34. stick.> All you do is spray mold, add stick, fill w/candy, cool &

  35. remove easily Comes in 2-3 sizes, round or heart-shaped. I beleive it

  36. is Guttman Brand & available here at Sugarcraft. About 2 dz in a

  37. pack. This is my kids favorite Christmas candy. You will want to make

  38. several flavors. Experiment on how-much flavor. All vary. *Don't add

  39. too much on the mints. Takes more on the

  40. cherry/strawberry/lemon/orange, etc. There are at least 50 oil

  41. flavors available to choose from! Shared by Dolores McCann, Hamilton

  42. OH

  43. Dolores McCann, Prodigy Food & Wine Board

  44. MMMMM


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