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  1. 1 1/8 c Water

  2. 1 tb Sugar

  3. 1 ts Salt

  4. 1 tb Olive oil

  5. 1 tb Honey

  6. 3 c Bread flour

  7. 2 1/2 ts Yeast

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  1. Put ingredients in pan in order given. Set crust control to light and set machine on regular cycle. Press start. Keep an eye on the doughball and have the dough just a little stickier than usual but not so wet that it doesn't hold its shape. Prepare a bread board by sprinkling it with a a mixture of cinnamon and sugar (I used cinnamon maple sprinkle available from Sam's Club) using about 1/4 cup in all of the cinnamon mixture. Have on hand 1/4 cup of raisins and (if you like) 1/4 cup pecans. When the machine reaches the end of the first rise, remove the bread pan from the machine and close the lid. Take the dough from the pan and remove the paddle. (I finish the bread in a Zoji Finnish pan but removing the blade will get rid of MOST of the hole!) Roll the dough in the cinnamon mixture, stretching and elongating it (remember the snakes you used to make with PlayDoh? This is much the same!) until its' about 1 1/2 inches thick and quite long. Keep working the cinnamon mixture into all of your bread "snake". Now begins the fun part! Spiral the "snake" back into the bread pan (if you don't have a spare pan or a Finnish pan you'll need to have washed your regular pan to remove the bits of dough that may have clung to the sides) and sprinkle the nuts & raisins in as you create a spiral loaf of bread. Tuck the "tail end" back into the bread at the top or it'll come springing out when the dough starts baking! This doesn't take as long as you think--the bread's back into the machine in plenty of time for it to rise before the bake cycle starts. The result is a lovely light cinnamon loaf that's great either sliced or pulled apart to eat. You COULD add a sugar glaze for a gift loaf but we find its' delicious without a glaze or even butter. Enjoy! --


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