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  1. 1kg/

  2. 2 1/4lb mixed red berries in equal quantities (strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants , redcurrants)

  3. 250g/9oz caster sugar , or more to taste

  4. 1 1/2 gelatine leaves, soaked in cold water for at least

  5. 10 minutes

  6. 8 slices white bread , crusts removed

  7. 185g/6 1/2oz unsalted butter

  8. 90g/3oz caster sugar

  9. 235g/8oz plain flour

  10. 30g/1oz cornflour

  11. good pinch salt

  12. 1 tsp vanilla extract

  13. 750ml/1 1/4 pints double cream

  14. 450ml/16fl oz milk

  15. 2 vanilla pods , split lengthways

  16. 350g/12oz caster sugar

  17. 15 free-range egg yolks

  18. 1-2 tbsp Glenturret whisky (or other single-malt whisky ) red berry coulis (make by heating 1kg of berries until soft, then straining through a sieve)

  19. redcurrants

  20. icing sugar

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  1. Preheat the oven to 160C/325F/Gas 3.

  2. First make the pudding. Put the berries in a heavy-bottomed pan, with the strawberries sprinkled with the sugar at the bottom. Very slowly warm through. When still undercooked, remove from the heat.

  3. Gently squeeze dry the gelatine leaves, then add to the warm berries and stir to melt completely. If the mixture is a bit tart, add extra caster sugar as required.

  4. To mould the puddings set four metal chefs' rings on a baking tray lined with cling film. Cut a disc from each of four of the bread slices to fit the rings. Dip the bread in the berry juices, then press into the bottom of the rings. Spoon in the berries. Cut discs from the remaining bread to fit the top of the rings. Dip these in the rest of the berry juices, then press into place. Cover and chill in the fridge to set.

  5. To make the shortbread, beat the butter and sugar in a bowl until pale in colour. Add the remaining ingredients and mix until it binds together to form a dough. Put in the fridge to cool for 4-5 minutes. Roll out the dough thinly and cut into circles. Place on a non-stick baking tray. Mark with a fork or leave plain. Bake for 5-8 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.

  6. For the ice cream, mix the cream and milk in a large pan. Scrape the vanilla seeds from the pods into the pan, then add the pods too and bring slowly to the boil.

  7. In a bowl, whisk the sugar with the egg yolks until pale and thick. Pour a little of the hot cream onto the eggs, then pour back into the pan. Cook, whisking constantly, until the custard thickens and coats the back of a spoon. Pass through a sieve and leave to cool.

  8. Churn the cold custard in an ice cream machine. When it starts to freeze add whisky to taste. When ready, transfer the ice cream to a container and put into the freezer.

  9. To serve, place a pudding (still in its metal ring) off-centre on each plate. Place the shortbread to the side. Remove the chefs' ring. Pour a little coulis over the top of the pudding and garnish with a few fresh redcurrants. Place the ice cream on top of the shortbread. Sprinkle a little icing sugar over the pudding to serve.


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