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  2. 48 small Cucumbers

  3. 1 Box whole pickling spices

  4. 3 bunch Dry dill

  5. 1 pint White vinegar

  6. 2 gallons Water

  7. 1 pound Salt

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  1. Wash and drain cukes. Put down a layer of dill in a large crock. Layercukes, dill, pickling spices (and whole rocambole and washed grape leavesif desired) in crock. Stir together remaining ingredients and pour overcucumbers until well covered. (make more brine as necessary) Place a heavyplate on top of cukes, and weight it down with a large jar filled withwater. Do not fill crock to the top as it may overflow when the cukesrelease water. Let sit for approx 3 weeks, or until cukes are uniformlycolored throughout and well flavored with dill. Remove cukes from brine andwash, discarding any soft cukes. Pack pickles into clean quart jars adding1-2 cloves sliced rocambole (or garlic), 1 t peppercorns, 1/4 t picklingspices, and 1/2 t turmeric. Make up fresh brine from recipe above, bring toa boil and pour over dills in jar leaving 1" of headroom. Seal jars andprocess in boiling water bath 5 minutes. Start counting time the secondthe jars are placed in the boiling water. Wait at least three weeks beforeeating.


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