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  1. 1 Hunts

  2. 4 cheese tomato sauce:

  3. 1 Ragu tomato sauce:

  4. 1 Garlic cloves:

  5. 4 Garlic powder:

  6. 6 shakes Ground beef:

  7. 1 pound Onion:

  8. 1 medium Italian spice:

  9. 3 shakes

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  1. Directions : 1. To begin, fry up the ground beef until it's brown. Add 3 shakes of garlic powder. Dice up onions and add to pan with beef until onions are fried a light brown.

  2. While you are doing this, take a second to turn the crock pot onto high and add the Hunts and Ragu sauce into the pot and put on the lid.

  3. Either dice or press garlic and add to ground beef and onion and allow it to fry together for a few minutes. Do not let the onions overcook.

  4. When you have finished that, add the diced tomatoes to the frying pan and allow the tomatoes to warm up. Once the mixture is heated, add it to the crock pot with the other sauce.

  5. Once all of the ingredients have been added together, add the remaining 3 shakes of garlic powder and Italian spices.

  6. Let the sauce simmer in the crock pot (on high) for 1 hour and 15 minutes.


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